Minting Information:
– 4269 Apes
– 123 attributes
– 0.2 SOL per mint
– Original Apesters allocated 250 free mints!


What is the planet of the bored apes?
The planet of the bored apes is a collection of NFTs created on the Solana block chain that features blockchain based game mechanics.

NFT ownership also doubles as membership to a future market alpha discord server and access to future merchandise launches. We’re building a community here.

What are my ownership rights?
You have full personal and commercial rights to the unadulterated version of your NFT.

How many will there be and what is the cost?
There will be 4269(the answer to the universe, life and, everything + 69) completely unique denizens, available at 0.15 Solana each.

What is Apelana?
Apelana is the game’s virtual currency. It is a token on the Solana blockchain based on the ERC-20 protocol.

How does the whitelist work?
The first 500 members whitelisted members get free access to mint.

What are the game mechanics?
Apes collect $10 Apelana for their owner every day. Apelana is used to buy resources and plots of land on Apeus Prime. Apes can build FACTORIES or TOWERS which are used to defend their bases against onslaughts of alien creatures.

FACTORIES can be upgraded to generate more Apelana and produce in-game assets, while TOWERS are used for the defence of factories and plots of land.



In the year 2032, scientists discovered the next step in human evolution.

The jump was not a simple step forward from homo sapien as many had expected, but involved a de-evolution from human to ape to ape deus. A complex sequence of genetic editing and cybernetic enhancement took place for those who could afford it, namely the crypto billionaires, millionaires, and degens who got lucky.

The new species “Apus Deus” or ape god were faster, stronger and more intelligent than their human counterparts. This created friction between humans and apes, as humans quickly grew to become jealous of their superior counterparts.

Suddenly, Earth became aware of an extinction level event, an enormous asteroid headed straight towards earth. Some apes committed their lives to saving humanity, while others apes saw the need to settle other planets for the safety of intelligent life in the universe. The apes that left were comprised of the earth’s brightest scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and warriors. With their fortunes combined they implored Apeus Musk to build a rocket destined for the stars.

Hundreds of years after they landed, ape society is thriving but nobody knows what happened to Earth. Apes live in a veritable Eden on their new planet, Apeus Prime. The tentacles of ape kind (not literally) spread to neighbouring solar systems and planets and interstellar travel is a common event. Their civilisation experiences an unprecedent era of of scientific advancement and peaceful prosperity across the universe.

Their government is completely decentralised and democratic. Apes are very well educated on governance issues and know the importance of being independent free thinkers. The world economy and governance system all operate on an advanced cryptographic protocol called $Apelana, which is completely impervious to inflationary measures of any kind.

But a year ago, Aperus, a great ape scientist, constructed an advanced wormhole based communication device that allowed near instantaneous communication with alien civilisations. Aperus directed the great machine’s beam towards the coordinates of Earth, which was assumed to be destroyed.

But ney, Earth apparently prospered. After the asteroid hit, it drove civilisation underground into bunkers, until it was safe to emerge decades later. Apes and human kind live together harmoniously but in drastically reduced numbers. Earth has only 100 million apes and humans. Communication between Earth and Apeus Prime has grown incessantly, bringing on a new golden age of scientific advancement for both civilisations.

In the constant communication with earth, wormholes are constantly created and destroyed creating an enormous amount of dark matter and energy. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. All of a sudden, strange beasts are beginning to land on Apeus prime.

And something big, the size of a solar system has noticed and is coming directly for the apes.

The team

The Jester. Long Term Degen. Wants to be a comedian. Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Meditates.

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The Scientist. Coding Wizard. Nerd. Wants to invent his own version of d&d.